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My name is Alexandre Magnin and I specialize in illustration
and communication to create sustainable change

Sustain. reporting

4 tips in a short video by Dr. Sustainability

Explain it

with a living whiteboard video and
make it easy for everyone to understand!

Sustainability Illustrated

Engaging sustainability videos
to learn & teach


Illustration & Drawing

Charcoal, graphite or digital. Cartoon, stick figure or fine art. Serious, humorous or a combination of both. Tell me the style you want for your project and I will do it for you!

Animated Whiteboard Videos

A drawing is worth a thousand words. Living whiteboard videos are a very powerful way to explain a concept, a process, a new technology, a product, etc. So what do you need to explain?


Thanks to many years of experience as a sustainability professional I am very well positioned to communicate it effectively in a video, an eLearning course, a website, a brochure, etc.

Partner for Change

For more than 7 years now I have invested my time, energy and money on projects to create sustainable change. By working with me you contribute to positive change too!


Well chosen illustrations can make complex concepts look simple and easy to understand. Tell me what you want to teach and I will illustrate it for you.

Graphic Design

Using various design styles on different platforms, I can design your logo, your brochure, your business card, your website and create a unique brand identity for your business or product.

Alexandre Magnin

My name is Alexandre Magnin, I am a sustainability consultant and illustrator. I specialize in animated videos about sustainability, illustration, education and communication to create lasting sustainable change. Read more about me, have a look at my portfolio, find more creations in my blog, check out my clients testimonials and/or contact me for more details. You can also find all Sustainability Illustrated videos on my YouTube channel.

"Alexandre Magnin has a unique gift for being able to take complex concepts and turn them into visual images that are attractive and easy to understand. His images are used in all our online learning, workshops, presentations, and guidebooks. In fact they have been so successful that they have been adopted by hundreds of practitioners around the world."

− Kelly Hawke Baxter, Chair, The Natural Step International.

"Alex was a delight to work with. He was professional, knowledgeable, and the whole process was just so easy - even across oceans and time-zones as we had to do between Australia and Canada! I would not hesitate to recommend him and can’t wait to work with him again. We are absolutely thrilled with the result of our educational Sustainability at the City of Canning Video. Thank you Alex!"

− Jayne Bryant, City of Canning, Australia

"I wanted to make a video to explain a new ecological service to treat lice. Alex accepted and very quickly transformed my ideas into images. Alex works in a very interactive way. We communicated via emails and Skype and he was always responsive. He reacted to all my requests in a timely fashion and respected deadlines. His pieces of advice and comments were always very professional."

− Miriam DIAZ, Owner and director of Tête et Compagnie.

"It was a pleasure to work with Alex on our sustainability reporting video. He really understood what we were trying to do and expedited the project with talent, flair, speed and complete professionalism. We were delighted with the end result and have received many compliments about the video. I'd recommend working with Alex to help get your message through in a clear and fun way! Sustainability Is serious but it doesn’t have to be boring!"

− Elaine Cohen, Manager of Beyond Business, Israel.

"Working with Alexandre on the design of my logo was a great experience. Not only did I love the final product, but I found the whole process very productive and helpful. Alex asked some very insightful questions that made me consider aspects of my business that I hadn’t necessarily considered before. He understood clearly what I wanted the design to reflect and he created a logo that I was very happy with."

− Lorraine McCarthy, naturopath.

"I asked Alex if he could work with us because (1) we studied together and we are friends, and (2) I had seen two pieces of his work that I liked. Next time, I will work with him again because (1) he delivered on time with a very tight deadline, (2) communication was always effective, enjoyable and (co-)constructive, and (3) the result was very nice and the illustration speaks even better than I had hoped"

− Renaud Richard, Consultant

"Alexandre understood my request immediately. Now I have a website that completely meets my needs: professional, clean, attractive, reassuring, effective and I can modify the content myself as I go."

− Richard Bourrelly, Founder and manager of Differances.

"Working with Alex was an extremely positive experience. He was professional, prompt, and listened keenly to suggestions about EcoEquitable's needs, seeking to understand their unique culture and visually represent their values and work. Alex is a unique individual who both understands the concepts he is conveying through his work and is also a gifted artist who can create a visual language to convey those concepts clearly."

− Anouk Bertner, Bertner Consulting

"Alexandre has led our project with method. Each and every brief and graphic proposition was accompanied by a note so that we always knew where we were going and which decision had to be made."

− Sylvia ROBERT, Andragogy engineer

"The cooperation with Alexandre was an inspiring experience. We very much appreciated the clarity of his instructions, his reliability in all aspects and over all the blinking eye of our smart little professor."

− Matthias Mueller, owner Mensch Design Innovation GmbH

"Alex has a very unique skillset – the ability to provide creative direction and visually stimulating images that tell a compelling story along with his strong background in truly understanding how sustainability and business intersect. Throughout our project we had many course changes, and Alex was able to adapt with patience and ease every single time.
I would recommend Alex’s services to anyone wanting to move the sustainability needle in the right direction."

− Scott Hendershot - Project Manager - Sustainable Development - Pratt & Whitney Canada
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