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Andragos: specialized on adult learning

By November 13, 2012April 7th, 2014Graphic Design

Over the last few weeks, some of you have noticed that I did not post as many drawings as I used to. This is because I was busy doing other things and here is one of them. Andragos is an adult learning consultancy firm based in France. They asked me to create for them a logo and a website. For Sylvia ROBERT, andragogy engineer, the logo had to suggest professionalism, quality, technical skills and the capacity to solve complex problems building on Leonardo DaVinci’s work. After a few designs to explore various possibilities and some very constructive back and forth, Sylvia chose the logo in the image attached. One can see a happy person, a pair of compasses or the letter A amongst other things. I added some 3D perspective to make it more dynamic and forward-looking while the colour palette and the circle and square evoke DaVinci’s drawings, especially the Vitruvian man.

Then I created the website using WordPress and all the widgets needed, including a live chat for visitors to be able to contact Sylvia directly from the website when she is connected; a customized contact form; and multi-language options (although the website is not available in English yet). In order to present Andragos’ products and services on the home page, I created a digital hand-drawn illustration in the style of DaVinci. Finally, I recommended Hostpapa to ensure that the website hosting uses 100% renewable energy.

I would love to know what you think. Please leave a comment below.

Alexandre has led our project with method. Each and every brief and graphic proposition came with clear direction and key questions so that we always knew where we were going and which decision had to be made.” Sylvia ROBERT, andragogy engineer.


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