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Icons and recycling fabric

By June 26, 2013April 6th, 2014Graphic Design

Last week I was contacted by EcoEquitable to design icons for their strategic goals. EcoEquitable is a registered Canadian charity based in Ottawa, Ontario, whose mission is to provide a bridge for immigrant and underemployed women to transition to sustainable financial  independence, while reducing harmful waste in their communities. More specifically, they use recycled fabric to make new bags while teaching immigrants how to sew.

I decided to work with a rough linen fabric texture to suggest the organization’s activity. Icons were designed with EcoEquitable’s two basic colours (green and blue) using a lighting effect on the edges as if the icons were metallic buttons fixed to the fabric. EcoEquitable was very happy with the result and the project took two days in total. The strategic goals and their icons were presented to the board of directors a few days later.

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