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Sustainability education is more effective with images

By July 5, 2013April 6th, 2014Illustration

Here is a new illustration I did last week for Euromed Management. The objective of the project was to design an illustrated document to support learning and note taking in the context of a one-day sustainability training workshop that was delivered in Marseille (France) on July 1st. The intention of this document was twofold: 1) to summarize visually all the concepts explored during the session and 2) to leave participants with a beautiful document that they are proud of and that they want to take home with them and keep. The theme of the session was “How to make the liner ship turn when you don’t have access to the helm?” Concepts such as system thinking, the need to have a compelling vision, creating a movement, using positive manipulation, fun theory and activism were explored during the day through videos, group discussions and games. This letter-size document was printed on heavy paperboard and folded in half to stand on the table in front of the participants. The inside was designed to enable people to capture notes, key ideas, concepts and lessons learned in a structured way.

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  • Pong Leung says:

    Great work Alex! Neat idea! Not sure what shooting a cow has to do with turning a ship, but I am sure it makes sense in France! 🙂

  • Alexandre says:

    AHAH! Fair enough… and difficult to understand without the context: A video was shown during the workshop to illustrate that creating a shock was one way to get people’s attention. It is a video of Gary Yourofsky about animal rights and the horrible conditions in which animals are executed for the meat we eat: I tried to illustrate in a cartoony style without being dismissive of the issue. Not easy 🙂

  • Simon Harvey says:

    This is great work Alex. Images are so powerful for creating the brain connections needed to keep people on track. Thanks for sharing this.

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