Sustainability education is more effective with images

By July 5, 2013 April 6th, 2014 Illustration


  • Pong Leung says:

    Great work Alex! Neat idea! Not sure what shooting a cow has to do with turning a ship, but I am sure it makes sense in France! 🙂

  • Alexandre says:

    AHAH! Fair enough… and difficult to understand without the context: A video was shown during the workshop to illustrate that creating a shock was one way to get people’s attention. It is a video of Gary Yourofsky about animal rights and the horrible conditions in which animals are executed for the meat we eat: I tried to illustrate in a cartoony style without being dismissive of the issue. Not easy 🙂

  • Simon Harvey says:

    This is great work Alex. Images are so powerful for creating the brain connections needed to keep people on track. Thanks for sharing this.

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