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4 tips on better sustainability reporting

Sustainability Reporting: 4 tips in a 3-minute video

A few days ago, I finished a video on Sustainability reporting for Elaine Cohen and her firm Beyond Business.

Project objective: To create for Beyond Business a 2-minute video offering some general tips on sustainability reporting and communicating that Beyond Business can help you deliver a fabulous sustainability report. The video should be humorous, informative and inspiring.

Process: Elaine Cohen, manager of Beyond Business, wrote a first draft of the script based on four questions that she often gets on her CSR Reporting Blog in order to create 4 tips to help people create better sustainability reports. After a couple of rounds of feedback and modifications, we finalized a 400-word script and I started sketching to illustrate the content. We created a Dr Sustainability (character from the CSR reporting blog) that would be a middle/late aged fuddy duddy type of person, like Emma Thomson in Saving Mr Banks… a bit tough but soft inside…. After a few back and forth and some modifications, the drawings were ready to be recorded. As usual, I drew on my screen while recording the screen as a movie. Then all the footage was sent to Final Cut Pro X to be edited, accelerated and synchronized with the narration (recorded by voice talent Juno Rinaldi) and music (Sour Tennessee Red by John Deley and 41 Players from the YouTube audio library).

Beyond Business is an inspired Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting consulting firm. They specialize in assisting companies develop sustainability strategy, implement policies and programs and deliver great Sustainability Reports.

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